On The Issues

National Security

The world can be a scary place. Islamic fundamentalists chant death to America around the world, and ISIS threatens to take over peaceful nations.  There are plenty of bad guys that threaten our way of life: North Korea and Iran pose a nuclear threat to the world; Mexico has allowed lawless drug cartels to expand from just drug smuggling to human trafficking. We must:

  • Secure our borders—building a wall is a great start.
  • Take a serious look at who comes into this country—we don’t want what’s happening in Europe to happen here.
  • Allow our military and intelligence communities to do their jobs free of politically correctness.


The Economy

Fortunately, the President has started the economic ball rolling with the recently passed tax bill. However, there is still much to do to sustain this growth. Texas is still one of the most business-friendly states and we continue to lead the pack in jobs and economic growth.  Washington needs to learn from Texas.  Here’s what works:

  • A balanced budget—we have to quit “kicking the can down the road” with short-term continuing resolutions
  • Limiting governmental overreach by limiting burdensome regulations—I support the REINS Act which gets passed in the House every session and requires all federal regulations with an economic impact over $100 Million to be approved by Congress so that unelected bureaucrats aren’t writing laws we have to live with.
  • Tort reform—We must make sure our tort system compensates fairly those who are injured but not create a system that encourages frivolous lawsuits.  Texas has led in tort reform, America should follow.


Protect Life

I’m proud to be pro-life.  My paternal grandmother, whom I never met, chose life for my dad and I would not be here today if it weren’t for her brave choice. I am proud to have the endorsement of the Texas Alliance For Life Inc. PAC.


Protect the Second Amendment

Democrats are looking for every opportunity to make it harder for law abiding citizens to own, buy and sell guns.  I am a member of the NRA and a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.  As a Texas Conservative, I believe gun control is hitting what you aim at and nothing else. I will never vote to restrict your access to protecting your home and family.


Veterans & Military

Our nation must keep its promise to the men and women who have served. We owe our veterans a tremendous debt and must ensure veterans have access to quality health care and education. It is also important that our nation show strength to the world by having the best trained and equipped military presence in the world. It serves as a deterrent to aggressive rogue nations and keeps us all safer.


buy celebrex celecoxib 200 mg Israel

America’s relationship with Israel will remain unwavering as our shared belief in a free democracy will be steadfastly defended as our strongest ally in the Middle East sits in such an unstable region, increasingly along its northern border. I will always be a vote for a stronger, and more secure Israel as we work to promote a more direct peace process, a stronger economic climate and fight to confront the long-term threat of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

http://sunnysidepta.org/tag/jogathon/ A Two-State Solution
The two states will only achieve real progress in the peace process if it is strictly a bilateral negotiation between the Jewish state of Israel and the Palestinian state. We must do our part as an ally in the United States to support this process and work to diplomatically encourage any international organizations from resisting the Palestinians urge to have them dictate terms of peace. To the end of diplomacy, the United States must also continue to work with neighboring Arab nations to support the peace process as progress takes place so that there is a constant understanding so not to run any risk of disrupting any peace talks that are established.

can you order propecia online Strengthening Israel’s Economic Viability in the Region

A key component to supporting Israel is increasing investment in the region and working with our allies to denounce Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaigns that aim to delegitimize the State of Israel around the world. I will support any legislation that would prohibit companies from cooperating with international governmental organizations including the U.N. to boycott Israel. My background serving on the Texas Water Development Board lends itself to working with governmental agencies to free up money to invest in infrastructure projects which naturally support a stronger economic climate. The Sorek desalination plant, the largest reverse-osmosis desal facility in the world is a perfect example of the types of investments and infrastructure projects I want to see continue in the State of Israel, so we can strengthen its economic viability for generations to come. I believe this will strengthen Israel’s economic position in the world while giving our neighbors in the region reason to support the future of peace in the Middle East.

The Long-Term Threat of Iran

As the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, Iran must be dealt with sooner rather than later as their nuclear ambitions would pose an existential threat to the State of Israel. We must be more tenacious in toughening sanctions on any states who support Iran’s missile program and aggressively root out terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas who continue to attack Americans and Israelis in the region. We know Iran continues to conduct ballistic missile tests in spite of the United Nations prohibitions and they will continue to violate the human rights of Muslims and Christians while prohibiting free speech and religion daily. We must be stronger as their way of life is in direct contradiction to the tenants of a free democracy with which Israel and the United States have based our strong relationship on all these years. The answer is peace through strength. 

A Stronger Israel

America relies on Israeli defense technology and its geo-strategic location as much they rely on our financial and foreign aid support. To that end, we must remain in strategic cooperation as threats to homeland security are ever-evolving. Israel spends more on defense as a percentage of its GDP than any other nation in the industrialized world so if we are to achieve peace in the Middle East and a stronger economy in the State of Israel, I will be in favor of continued support of our defense spending to Israel at its current levels, so it will remain strong and defend itself, by itself. America has shown great support in Israel’s development of their multi-layered defense system and we need to continue to support these types of technology in the form of cooperative missile defense funding as Iranian sponsored terrorist groups continue to mount threats in the region. Lastly, I am in full support of President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and since America has officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital we will have to continue to stand firm in our support of U.S. security assistance funding to Israel for the sake of our collective citizenry traveling abroad in the face of threats from groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestinian protests in the region.